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Barbro (Babba) Werke


   Short story.


  • Self-taught.

  • Music, painting, design, theater, dance and any art-form is vital for me.

  • I've always been doing something connected to art.

  • My first love was music and have been working pretty much in that art-form.

  • Visual art (or image-making) has been my priority for several years now but never went "public".
 Only lately did I dare to go "out there".

  • I'm not very fond of long analysis of my work… of any artwork for that matter… When an artist creates a piece (of something) he/she is so intensely into the creation that all words are totally inessential. Or else you create a piece of theater or write a novel…   For me, art is a connection in between the art-piece and the onlooker. No long stories about the art-piece. The onlooker makes his/her own interpretation. It's up to everyone to feel or not to feel. Too many words, analysis, explanations can kill anything - let our mind free, free to our own interpretation. Sure… when I make a piece I certainly have something specific on my mind, but that's not important. What's important is the onlookers impression and interpretation. And there's not one "correct" interpretation - they're all correct.
    It's yours, it's personal, you own it - and nobody can take it away.

  • And why do I do this? To survive:-) Not materially (of course) but for all the rest.
    Without creating? No, that's not viable.


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